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Rescue Dog Support

Due to the cost of living crisis, the amount of families having to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their dogs has increased. Not to mention the amount of behaviourally-challenged dogs who find themselves in rescues due to being raised during the pandemic. This has all put a big strain on rescue centres and so the need for suitable adopters has also risen.

Bringing any new dog into your home can mean significant changes to your life, but adopting a dog from overseas or from a rescue can bring extra challenges.

My new rescue dog support service is for you if you just want to make sure you're doing everything right, or if your new dog has some existing behaviour challenges you'd like to work on together.

*This service is suitable for rescue dogs adopted within the last 6 months*

Behaviour/training needs covered include:

  • Settling in

  • Multi-dog households

  • Lead manners

  • Specific training needs

  • Building a bond with your new dog

What's included?

£50 per hour

  • 1 hour session at your home or in an agreed location depending on your training needs

  • Written notes for you to follow

You've made the first step! I have received your message, and aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Want to chat in more detail?

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