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Our dog became reactive one day out of the blue while at the highly stimulating environment that is doggy daycare.

Megan was great in explaining to us that due to circumstances changing at home (arrival of a baby) that this made her nervous and greatly elevated her stress levels. Through a simple piece of advice she is now much more confident around our child and has not had and negative reactions since.

As well as this we have been working on our dogs lead work with Megan and have seen vast improvements in this area of our training too.

Would highly recommend Megan to anyone experiencing any issues with their dogs.

- James C

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Gem & Morse

We have known Megan Burnett for nearly five years. She has cared for our two Cocker Spaniels for most of that time.

She is clearly enthused by animal behaviour and is qualified to ensure and support animal welfare. She has advised and helped us implement a behaviour modification regimen focussed upon curtailing whining and barking. Although still a work in progress there has been some success in changing behaviour, for example in the amount of competition for resources at bedtime or in demands for attention at other times. She has helped make both dogs more self-reliant and less insecure.


Megan is a caring individual and we have no hesitation in leaving our dogs under her control.

- Jonathan K



Megan has been a huge help for me and my reactive dog. She has helped me to understand my dog’s feelings on a much deeper level, Megan also deals with my vet directly to arrange the best anxiety medication for my dog which takes a lot of stress off me.

- Kathryn J



Our rescue dog, George, quickly established a strong bond with Megan built on trust. Megan has a calm, relaxed manner which really helps dogs manage their anxiety. We completely trust her with George.

- Diane W



Due to the second national lockdown in October 2020, our puppy's socialisation took a huge hit and we've been struggling with his reactivity towards strangers and other dogs ever since.

Megan has been fantastic in helping us to understand our dogs behaviour, body language and thresholds whilst also building up our own confidence in technique and rewards.

We've still got a little way to go but we've already seen so much positive progress since working with Megan and look forward to working with her more! She puts a lot of care and attention into understanding your pet and is dedicated to helping get the best result!

- Laura H



Megan is amazing. She helped us understand our highly driven Sprocker Molly and gave us the tools to manage her behaviour in several situations. From jumping and lunging through excitement and over arousal during play to calming strategies to help her settle in the evening. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Megan and she was always available to provide support and advice. We can’t thank her enough. If you need guidance with understanding your dog and strategies to deal with their behaviour then Megan is the perfect person. Highly recommend.

- Stacey A

Would thoroughly recommend Megan. She has such an approachable nature with dogs and their owners!

She helped our dogs so much with recall, socialisation and reactive behaviours.

- Kate P

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