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Problem Behaviour Support

Is life with your dog not what you imagined?

Living with a dog with behaviour challenges is stressful, worrying and sometimes, even embarrassing. You want to do the best for your dog, but with so much advice out there, it’s hard to know where to turn.


Instead of relying on quick-fixes, I take an educated, ethical and empathetic approach to sustainable behaviour change, with your dog’s well-being as the top priority. You’ll feel supported, confident and reassured that you are working with someone you can trust.


I’d love to take the weight off your shoulders and help you to get your dog back on track towards a happier life together!


Is your dog struggling with...?

- Aggression towards people/animals 

- Biting/snapping/growling

- Separation-related problems

- General anxiety 

- Destructiveness

- Resource guarding 

- Fears, phobias and sensitivities 

- Repetitive and compulsive behaviours

- Hyperactivity

My supportive and comprehensive behaviour service includes:

  • Gathering information about your dog and its behaviour, lifestyle & history from you and your vet before our first session.

  • Reviewing any relevant video footage you send me, to help my assessment of your dog and its behaviour.

  • An in-person (or online) consultation during which I will help you to understand the 'why?' of your dog's behaviour and to put a behaviour/training plan in place.

  • A written copy of your bespoke behaviour modification/training plan that works for you and your dog to follow.

  • A 60-minute follow-up session for further support or to work on practical elements of your dog's behaviour/training plan (additional follow-up sessions also available at a discounted rate).

  • Follow-up support and regular check-ins via WhatsApp/text/email for up to three months following the initial consultation for any concerns or queries.

  • Communication with your dog's vet for a holistic approach. Your dog's vet will be kept updated and informed along the way

  • A calm and compassionate presence in your own home to listen to your worries and concerns.

Investment: £250

Many pet insurance companies cover behaviour consultations. You may be able to claim my fees back on your dog's insurance policy.

James C, Polly's Owner

"Our dog became reactive one day out of the blue while at the highly stimulating environment that is doggy daycare. Megan was great at explaining to us that due to circumstances changing at home (arrival of a baby) that this made her nervous and greatly elevated her stress levels. Through a simple piece of advice she is now much more confident around our child and has not had any negative reactions since. As well as this we have been working on our dogs lead work with Megan and have seen vast improvements in this area of our training too. 
Would highly recommend Megan to anyone experiencing any issues with their dogs."

Here's how it works:

1. Get in touch

Send me a message, call or email with some details about your dog, and I'll check that we're a good fit to work together.

2. I'll send you the details

I'll get back to you ASAP and send you some forms (vet referral & questionnaire) to fill out as well as some basic management advice to help you before I arrive.

3. we'll get started!

Once I have reviewed your forms, I'll send you a link to an online booking page and we'll arrange our first session!

Thank you for getting in touch! I aim to get back to you within 24 hours - if you haven't received a reply, please check your spam folder.

Want to chat in more detail?

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